Vocabulary and technical terms

Vocabulary and technical terms

Binary code = a form in which computers understand programs. It’s difficult for people to read, looks like abracadabra of symbols. Needs disassembling to make it readable.

Bot = an outside program. Very often it is another character in the game.

Disassembling = a process of making binary code readable for people.

Environment = everything around us: houses, streets, roads, rivers, forests,…

Experience = what you know from before

Grab = take, take suddenly

Hello, you lot! = Hello to all of you. Informal greeting said to a group of people.

Maiden = a girl

PDA = Pocket Digital Assistant = a pocket computer

Stunner = a special gun used in computer games.

Sword = an old weapon of knights, looks like a big long knife

Think-send = use telepathy in a digital world. You send messages in your thoughts. Actually, computers register electric impulses from your head and send them where you want

Visual = what you see with your eyes, a picture, often on a screen

Weapon = any gun, bomb, knife, ….

4-D = four dimensional.