Два простых синонима background

Слово background, согласно Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDCE), входит во вторую тысячу самых важных слов как письменной, так и устной речи. Приведем отрывок обширной словарной статьи из LDCE, посвященной слову background - фон

background to
Without knowing the background to the case, I couldn't possibly comment.

against a background of something

The peace talks are being held against a background of increasing violence.

background information/details/data etc

The author included a new chapter of background material for the second edition of the book.

3 [countable usually singular] the area that is behind the main thing that you are looking at, especially in a picture:
The background looks out of focus.
in the background
In the background you can see my college friends.

Мы представляем вашему вниманию два простых синонима слова background, которые даже учить практически не надо - настолько они просты. Судите сами.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDCE)

backdrop noun

back‧drop /"bækdrãp $ -drä:p/ [countable]
1 literary the scenery behind something that you are looking at
backdrop to
The sea made a splendid backdrop to the garden.

2 the conditions or situation in which something happens
against a backdrop of something
a love story set against a backdrop of war and despair

3 APT a painted cloth hung across the back of a stage



Also called, especially British, back-cloth. Theater. the rear curtain of a stage setting.
the background of an event; setting.
Gymnastics. a maneuver in which a trampolinist jumps in the air, lands on the back with the arms and legs pointed upward, and then springs up to a standing position.


4. verb (used with object), backdropped or backdropt, backdropping.
to provide a setting or background for:
A vast mountain range backdrops the broad expanse of lake.

Слово backcloth используется, в основном, в британском варианте английского языка. Согласно LDCE, это слово используется только в значениях 2 и 3 из определения backdrop выше.

Обратите внимание, что слово backdrop может использоваться как глагол, хотя LCDE об этом не упоминает, отставая, таким образом, от www.dictionary.com