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permeate ['пёмиэйт]
1 проникать, проходить сквозь

if liquid, gas etc permeates something, it enters it and spreads through every part of it:

The smell of diesel oil permeated the air.

Rain permeates through the ground to add to ground water levels.

2 пронизывать, пропитывать

if ideas, beliefs, emotions etc permeate something, they are present in every part of it:

Racism continues to permeate our society.
An emotional intensity permeates every one of O'Connor's songs.

seam шов

seamless бесшовный



связанный; сплочённый; образующий единое целое

connected or related in a reasonable way to form a whole:
a cohesive community
2    uniting people or things:
Historically, sport has been a cohesive force in international relations.
cohesively    adverb
cohesiveness    noun [uncountable]

-   cohesion    noun [uncountable]

a sense of community and social cohesion

adhesive adj 1) липкий, клейкий; связывающий
adhesive power — сила сцепления
adhesive tape
Syn: sticky
2) приверженный

adhesive    noun              
ad‧he‧sive /ëd"hi:sûv/ [uncountable and countable]
T    a substance such as glue that you use to stick two things together:
waterproof adhesive


salient [сЭйлиэнт] прил. книжн.
 1) заметный; яркий, бросающийся в глаза
the salient points of the speech — самые яркие места речи
We shall use the term "salient" to describe stored information that has been prompted to the forefront of the individual's conscious thought. — Мы будем употреблять термин "выделенный" для описания накопленной информации, которая выдвигается на передний план сознания индивидуума.
2) выдающийся, выступающий
salient angle — выступающий угол
salient eyes — глаза навыкате
Syn: prominent ,

nocturnal [ноктЁрэл]ночной

diurnal [дайЁнал] дневной, ежедневный

confer [кэнфЁ]
1) (confer on) жаловать (кого-л.) ; даровать, давать (кому-л.)
The President of France conferred the Legion of Honour on seven war veterans. — Президент Франции наградил орденом Почётного легиона семерых ветеранов войны.
The system had conferred great benefits. — Система дала большие прибыли.
Syn: grant.
2) (confer with) обсуждать, совещаться; вести переговоры с (кем-л.)
The prisoner asked permission to confer with his lawyer. — Задержанный попросил разрешения посовещаться со своим адвокатом.
Syn: consult

paradigm [пЭрэдайм] парадигма

Examples of rain or shine:

Burrow runs two miles, rain or shine, everyday.

Sentences from books, newspapers, etc.

Every morning at about 5am, come rain or shine, James Zarei leaves his South Croydon home on his morning run.

He seldom drinks alcohol, never touches drugs, and runs six miles every morning, rain or shine.

I kid you not: each year rain or shine, Californian Poppy.

Scores of rambling and cycling clubs headed remorselessly for the Dales each weekend, come rain or shine.

The working week began every Monday, rain or shine.

resplendent    adjective                         
re‧splen‧dent /rû"splendënt/    formal
very beautiful, bright, and impressive in appearance
resplendent in    
She looked resplendent in a silk dress.
—resplendently    adverb

game    adjective                         
1    willing to try something dangerous, new, or difficult:

Okay. I'm game if you are.
game for    
He's always game for a laugh.
game to do something    
'Who's game to have a try?'

2 game leg    old-fashionedMI    an injured or painful leg
—gamely    adverb

mettle    noun                         
met‧tle /"metl/ [uncountable]
1    courage and determination to do something even when it is very difficult
test/show/prove your mettle    
a crisis which will test the minister's mettle
2 on your mettle    British English    if you are on your mettle, you are ready to try as hard as possible because your abilities are being tested:
We'll have to be on our mettle from the start.
keep/put somebody on their mettle    
This was just his way of keeping me on my mettle.

Origin of mettle


1575-85; spelling variant of metal, in metaphoric usages


a quick chore = something simple, which you do every day, and do quickly


His influence, along with her impressive resume, striking looks, and fluent English made finding a
top job with a top firm a quick chore.

(John Grisham, The partner )

see red    to become very angry:
The thought of Pierre with Nicole had made her see red.

I immediately saw red and wanted to prove him wrong.

Sentences from books, newspapers, etc.

When Swindon and Leicester meet, they often see red.


verve живость, энергия,  яркость (идей), сила (изображения)


noun energy, enthusiasm
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