Учим слова Headway pre-int и int

Make hay while the sun shine

He is so weak that he cannot feed himself.
Certain animals feed on insects.

hump of a camel
the Himalayan hump

to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs
can't say "boo" to a goose

Do you get water from a well or a spring at your dacha?

My bank is on the river bank.

She won the championship four times in succession
A succession of visitors came to the door.

I'm absolutely certain that I left the keys in the kitchen.
Certain animals feed on insects.
make a will (will =завещание, воля)

remain a bachelor = оставаться холостяком

quarrel = ссора conflict argument contention brawl misunderstanding
Squirrels don't quarrel.

toss a coin = кинуть монетку (жребий)

solicitor = адвокат

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. = Иногда ты должен быть жестоким, чтобы быть добрым.
unfair= нечестный
50 best phrases

confident that = уверенный что
We are confident next year's profits will be higher.

confident about= уверенный в
I was confident about myself.
I feel much more confident about myself and my abilities these days.

outdoor = уличный (прил)

wonder = чудо
jumbo jet= большой реактивный самолет

obsessed = завороженный
I am obsessed by planes.

double = x 2
treble = x 3

covered with
He was covered with blood

full of
The bottle was full of wine.

influence = влияние
influential = влиятельный
I was one of the most influential newspapers.

reputation = репутация
reputable = (прил) обладающий высокой репутацией
If you have a burglar alarm installed, make sure it is done by a reputable company.

editorial = редакторский; передовая статья

accurate = точный
It's impossible to predict the weather accurately.

try my best = стараться изо всех сил
do my best = стараться изо всех сил

in order to (make) = для того, чтобы (сделать)

attitude []

1) позиция; отношение (about; of; to, towards) belligerent / defiant / surly attitude — воинственное, агрессивное отношение casual attitude — небрежное отношение cavalier / condescending / patronizing attitude — покровительственное, снисходительное отношение friendly attitude — дружеское отношение holier-than-thou attitude — лицемерное отношение irreverent attitude — непочтительное отношение liberal attitude — либеральная позиция negative attitude — отрицательная позиция positive attitude — положительное отношение reverent attitude — благоговейное отношение scornful attitude

You are to go there = Вы должны туда поехать

achievement noun

a‧chieve‧ment S3 W2 /ë"tÐi:vmënt/

1 [countable] something important that you succeed in doing by your own efforts
achievement of

We try to celebrate the achievements of our students.

His great achievement is to make all the players into a united team.

somebody's achievement in (doing) something

The test measures children's achievements in reading, spelling and maths.

2 [uncountable] when you achieve something or when people achieve something:

Roberts is researching the effect of social class on educational achievement.

As we climbed the final few metres, we felt a sense of achievement.

giant = гигантский

leap прыжок
surely =наверняка

1 [sentence adverb] used to show that you think something must be true, especially when people seem to be disagreeing with you:

You must have heard about the riots, surely?

There must surely be some explanation.

Surely we can't just stand back and let this happen?

2 surely not spoken used to show you cannot believe that something is true:

'The chairman's just handed in his resignation.' 'Surely not.'

3 formal certainly:

Such sinners will surely be punished.

humble = скромный
Average life expectancy = средняя ожидаемая продолжительность жизни

abuse1 noun = злоупотребление

a‧buse1 S2 W3 /ë"bju:s/
1 [plural, uncountable] cruel or violent treatment of someone:
several cases of child abuse
physical/sexual/racial abuse
Many children suffer racial abuse at school.
An independent committee will look into alleged human rights abuses.
2 [uncountable and countable] the use of something in a way that it should not be used [= misuse]
abuse of
government officials' abuse of power
A self-monitoring tax system is clearly open to abuse (=able to be used wrongly).
alcohol/drug abuse (=the practice of drinking too much or taking illegal drugs)
➔ solvent abuse
3 [uncountable] rude or offensive things that someone says when they are angry:
vandalism and verbal abuse directed at old people
a torrent/stream of abuse (=a series of rude or angry words)
shout/hurl/scream abuse at somebody
The other driver started hurling abuse at me.

Famine = голод
Mount Everest and K2[/b] are believed to be the two highest mountains in the world
He is thought/considered to be the best writer of his generation. (He = John Fowles)

contemplate - think

1 [transitive] to think about something that you might do in the future [= consider]:
He had even contemplated suicide.
contemplate doing something
Did you ever contemplate resigning?
2 [transitive] to accept the possibility that something is true
too dreadful/horrifying etc to contemplate
The thought that she might be dead was too terrible to contemplate.
3 [intransitive and transitive] to think about something seriously for a period of time [= consider]:
Jack went on vacation to contemplate his future.
contemplate what/whether/how etc
She sat down and contemplated what she had done.
contemplate your navel (=think so much about your own life that you do not notice other important things - used humorously)
4 [transitive] to look at someone or something for a period of time in a way that shows you are thinking:
He contemplated her with a faint smile.

inconceivable = немыслимо = unthinkable

At that time, it would not have been thinkable to openly criticize the government.

starve = to be hungry = голодать

guess = догадываться, догадка
It was a good guess!

Think of a name = задумай имя.
think of = final/ think about = not final, changing, in the process of thinking

It' my turn = (Это) моя очередь
Mind your own business! = (Грубо) Не суй нос в чужие дела!
I'm longing fo the summer = Я с нетерпением жду лета.
That is it! = Это все! Вот так!

happiness = сачстье
Happen = случаться
(un)happy = (не) сачстливый

survey = обзор, обозрение
surveyor = землемер
detached = отдельный, отсраненный (о человеке)

DIRT =грязь
MUD =грязь природная.
wet earth that has become soft and sticky:
By the end of the game, all the kids were covered in mud.
The path beside the river was slippery with mud.
Many villages in Mali consist of mud huts.
boots caked with mud (=covered in mud)

vote = голос, голосовать
devote = посвящать

confine = заключать
confinement = заключение

solo = соло
solitary = одиночный

remark= заметка, ремарка, замечать
remarkable= замечательный

plain = простой, ясный plain clothes = штатская одежда

common sense = здравый смысл

fascinated = очарованный

delight = восторг

infect = заражать

желать, хотеть: I'd like to [go] [to the cimema]
I feel like [go]ing [to the cinema]
I fancy [go]ing [to the cinema]
I wish [to go] [to the cinema.]
I'm longing for [going to the cinema]
I can't wait to go to the cinema.

1) очень хотеть, страстно желать I fancy a swim. — Ужасно хочется искупаться.
2) воображать, представлять себе

What's (going) on? Что происходит?
What's on? Что идет (в кино, по ТВ, ...)

ridiculous = нелепый
silly = глупый
in a way = в некотором смысле, до некоторой степени,
resume = возобновлять

contented = довольный, удовлетвореннй

set off= отправляться
set = устанавливать

wig = парик

bald [болд]= лысый

bold [боУлд]= смелый, жирный ( о шрифте)

merry = веселый
oak = дуб

manage = удаваться, суметь; управлять

to succeed in doing something difficult, especially after trying very hard
manage to do something
I finally managed to push the huge animal away.
How do you manage to stay so slim?
We somehow managed to persuade( убедить) him.
Juventus (football team) managed two goals in the last ten minutes.
I don't know how I'll manage it, but I'll be there.

run for your life = бежать изо всех сил (ради жизни)

attitude +> to have an attitude = treat = относиться

to behave towards someone or something in a particular way [↪ treatment]
treat somebody like/as something

She treats me like one of the family.
Penny doesn't think her co-workers treat her as an equal.
He treated his automobiles almost as tenderly as he did his wife.

badly treated/well treated

The prisoners were well treated by their guards.

treat somebody with respect/contempt/courtesy etc

Despite her seniority, Margot was never treated with much respect.

treat somebody like dirt/a dog (=treat someone unkindly and without respect)
I don't know why he stays with her - she treats him like dirt.

court = суд
lawsuit = судебное преследование
sue = подавать в суд

Guess what! = Слушай, а знаешь что?

Look, .../ Look! ... = Послушай!

I'm starving! = Я жутко голодна!

That is it! = Это все! Вот так!

Mind your own business! = (Грубо) Не суй нос в чужие дела!

I'm longing for the summer = Я с нетерпением жду лета.

What's (going) on? Что происходит?

What's on? Что идет (в кино, по ТВ, ...)

In a way. = в некотором смысле, до некоторой степени,

I can't help it

[I] can't help [it].
He can't help gamling.

I can't help being so clever — Ну что я могу поделать, если я такой умный

He can't help the way he is — Он не виноват, что он такой

I couldn't help him being so rude — При чем тут я, если он такой грубиян?

I cannot help my long nose — Ну если меня Бог наградил таким носом, так что поделаешь?!

No pain, no gain.