talk shop = talk about work or studies  
ˈshop talk [uncountable]   noun   American English    informal
conversation about your work, which other people may think is boring

praise [uncountable]   похвала  approval or praise that you give to someone for something they have done
credit for    
Credit for this win goes to everybody in the team.
They never    give    Gene any    credit    for all the extra work he does.

take/claim/deserve etc (the) credit    
She deserves credit for trying her best.
to somebody's credit (=used to say that someone has done something good)    
To Jamie's credit, he remained calm.
Credit must go to Fiona for making sure everything ran smoothly.

mould   British English ; mold American English [uncountable]  a soft green, grey, or black substance that grows on food which has been kept too long, and on objects that are in warm, wet air:
The chemical was used to kill a mold that grows on peanuts.
The walls were black with mould.

must плесень

reluctant не хотящий, с неохотой


entice    verb     соблазнять, увлекать                   
en‧tice /ûn"taûs/ [transitive]
to persuade someone to do something or go somewhere, usually by offering them something that they want
Our special offers are intended to entice people to buy.


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resiliance  = устойчивость к внешним воздействиям, гибкость

curfew комендантский час

rigorous строгий

sloppy  неряшливый

slob  неряха

simultaneous    adjective                         
sim‧ul‧ta‧ne‧ous /;sûmÊl"teûniës< $ ;saû-/
things that are simultaneous happen at exactly the same time:

They grabbed each other's hands in simultaneous panic.
Up to twenty users can have simultaneous access to the system.

simultaneous with   
The withdrawal of British troops should be simultaneous with that of US forces.
The speeches will be broadcast live, with    simultaneous translation (=immediate translation, as the person is speaking)    into English.

like = comparison, as = function

decision time is coming - we have to 1)choose and then 2) polish our standard part of C5 and C6\

 Please, choose any test, take any pictures but write your answers underlying standard phrases you chose.