Better than my life. Chapter 9


When Peter came into the room I knew something was wrong. He moved slowly, like he was in the water. And his face… It was very white.
‘Hello, Peter!’, my Mum said. She was pleased to see my best friend.
He didn’t answer, he just looked at her, and then at me.
Suddenly I saw an ancient gun in his hand. His great-great-grandfather was a policeman, and I knew they had a gun in the family. It was like a museum thing. I understood what he was going to do, and all my reactions became very slow, like in a very bad dream you have at night. And there is another bad thing about those dreams. You can’t stop bad thing which happen there. The only thing you could do is wake up.
I started running. My legs were as heavy as stones. I moved very slowly. I don’t know why I didn’t use my stunner, my laser sword or any other weapon I had. I think the reason is simple. At that moment I was just a frightened boy, not a clever detective with clever guns.
I wanted to be between my mother and that crazy maniac who once was my friend. I wanted to stop it. All those years of crying at night, when I was lying in my bed thinking that I had killed her – they were in front of me. One quick move, and I would save her. But I was slow. And that was pain. I was running and I knew I was late. I knew that in a second she will be dead. And I will have all those years of bad dreams again.
With that desperate cry I threw myself forward. I was too late. I saw the red flashes and heard a roll of thunder. I saw my mother slowly falling onto the floor. She was looking at me, and the last light in her eyes was full of love for me.
Then I felt bullets going into me like hot needles of pain. Everything was lost. The game was over.
Life was going out of my body fast, but I remembered about my weapons. I put my hand into my pocket, pressed the button on my PDA and got a laser sword. Now Peter was very close to me. We had always been very close. He looked at me and whispered, ‘I had to. I just had to. I…’
He didn’t finish because it was getting dark in my world. And with the last moment of light I drove my laser sword into his chest. And all went black.