Baa, baa, black sheep. Chapter 1

Digital Detectives.
Episode one.

Mick Forresty

Baa, baa, black sheep

Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three bags full.

English poem for children


The boy was somewhere there, but I couldn’t see him. I saw the road, some houses in the distance, some old trees, but no boy. I knew his name was Johnny, but calling him was useless. I knew that. If you can’t see a person, you can’t call him. You can call him only when you see him. That’s the rule. One of the rules. We don’t make them, we just follow them to stay alive.
Well, the road was empty. The only thing to do was to go along it. There was no other way. No, sir.
I took out my PDA and read again about the environment. Old England, King Arthur’s time. Knights, dragons and magicians. It’s a quest. You have to find the Holy Grail, taking the identity of one of King Arthur’s knights. That was all I knew. The boy’s mother didn’t know, what character from the game the boy took. All she knew he was somewhere there, and I had to find him. I didn’t have all the time in the world. I had just two hours.
Now the houses were nearer, and I could see large stones of the walls. Good houses, but I don’t know if they had such houses in Old England. I’m not good at History. I’m just a computer detective, not the best one. That’s why I took this job. This mission, as we call it. My partner and I didn’t have anything else, and we were short of money. In other words, we didn’t have much money left.
Usually I take something from the future. But this time I had no choice. So here I am, in the past.
Now I was in the village. I saw a small group of children, they were playing in the dirt.
‘Hello, you lot!‘ I said.
There was no answer. They looked at me all at once, and then ran away like birds. Bad start.
I went on. The next house on the right was a big one. My experience told me I had to go in. I knew that, because the house was much bigger then the others. Yes, I had to go in.
I came to the door and knocked.
“Come in!’ somebody shouted.
I came in. It was dark inside, and suddenly strong hands grabbed me. Normally I would use my stunner and get free, but not now. I had to find that boy. That was the way to find him: when they take you, do nothing. Just wait, and they will take you to the boy. That is, if you’re lucky. If you’re going the right way. I didn’t know that. How on Earth could I be sure?