Baa, baa, black sheep. Chapter 2


The room was dark, because there was only one small window. In the corner I saw a figure. It was not a child, it was not a man. The figure was strange. He looked like a man, but he sat like a child, who was afraid of something.
‘Johnny?’ I asked. ‘Are you all right, Johnny?’
The man-boy looked at me.
‘I’m not Johnny. My name is Sir Lancelot. I’m one of King Arthur’s knights. Can you help me, stranger? I want out. I want my Mum.’
‘Yes, sir! Yes, Sir Lancelot! It’ll be all right. You’ll see your Mum soon’, I said.
Well, now my job was easier. At least, I found the boy. Now I have to find the way out of here.
I stood up and walked around the room. The walls were very strong, and there was nothing on them.
There was a simple chair and a table. The boy was sitting on the chair when I came in. Now the boy was standing next to me. He was very big, and that was strange. A very big little boy.
I pulled the table to the window and stood on it. The window was very small, but I could look out.
I saw nothing special – some chickens, a dog, two or three pigs. And a black sheep. That was strange. That was something to think about. But I’ll think about it later. Now we have to go out.
I looked at Johnny Lancelot.
‘Do you have your sword, sir?’ I asked.
He shook his head.
‘I had it at first, but I didn’t have it when I was put in here. I think they took it. The people that got me.’
Well, no help here.
‘What about your knife? Do you have it?’
‘Yes, here you are.’
And he gave me his knife. It was about 15 centimetres long and sharp at the end. That will do. I can use this knife to open the window.
Suddenly we heard a noise. Somebody came to the door. It was a big man with heavy steps. He opened the door and looked at us. We looked at him. It was dark, but I could see his clothes were dirty. His hands were dirty, too. It was something dark red. And then I understood. It was blood. Animal blood or…?
‘You!’ he said. Actually, it was a roar, not a normal sound of a normal voice. His dirty finger pointed at me.’You go with me!’
I didn’t like it at all. Now that I found Johnny the knight, I didn’t want to lose him again. It was time to use my stunner. A stunner looks like a small electric shocker but is much more powerful. It usually works on everybody and everything living, even in a digital world.
So I came to him like a very tired man, my arms hanging down. He didn’t feel any danger.
Then – bang! And his big figure fell on the floor with a bump. It blocked the door which was still open. Now there was no need to open the window. We could go out.